Furniture Shifting being a multi-dimensional task requires you to take care of so many things at a time being a multi-dimensional task requires you to take care of so many things at a time. This hassle can lead you to commit some mistakes that may end up damaging your valuable items. There are chances that some ignorant moves can make you learn the mistakes the hard way and surely you don’t need that, A successful furniture shifting requires so many things to do and most importantly requires so many things that are not to be done. Our team of Rajdhani Movers have researched a lot and made a list of some common mistakes that you may avoid during the move.

Mistakes to Avoid During Furniture Shifting

  • Time Management: Leaving Tasks for the Last Minute

There are things that you have to do at the last minute such as checking the inventory, labelling, cleaning the house and so on. But leaving tasks that were meant to be completed within the time for the last minute may cost you a lot. It will create such a hassle and create immense pressure on you. Many of you may think of packing the materials at the end. But eventually, the hurry may lead the packing to a mess. Moreover, some tasks need extra time and care such as packing fragile items. If you pack them in a hurry, there are possibilities that you will end up cracking them or the packing would not be good enough.

  • Lack Of Research While Hiring Furniture Shifting Packers and Movers

Packers and movers are the best solutions while you are shiting; they will simply take care of every difficulty and leave you with no pressure. But it can backfire on you as well if you fail to hire the appropriate moving company. Before hiring or even interviewing any team of packers and movers, you must do thorough research.

To start with, go through the internet and read the reviews again and again. These reviews will help you to understand the service quality of the furniture shifting packers and movers company. Also, always ask the relatives and friends who have moved recently about their experience with their appointed moving company. Online reviews sometimes can be misleading thus practical reviews from friends and family would help you a lot.

Once you have shortlisted the packers and movers companies, now physically check their offices. Inquire about the costing or hidden costs. Once you have verified all the necessary details, only then opt for hiring the home shifting services.

  • Unnecessary DIY Attempts

Many of us think of saving a few pennies and attempting DIY. Now I wonder if DIY is a great way to save some money but is DIY always effective? For surgery you will surely not DIY it and rather look for a professional doctor, right? The same goes for house shifting tasks. Before attempting any DIY task, pause and understand the outcome. If you DIY delicate packing such as electrical appliance packing, there are chances you will end up damaging them. Again when loading fragile items, IT equipment and office furniture shifting, if you don’t hire professionals who have weight training, no wonder you will mess up. Being the jack of all trades is a myth, thus opting for the master is the best solution.

  • Lack in Inventory

Inventory is the most important part of any successful move. Before moving you must make a list of your things. If anything gets lost through the process, the inventory will help you to determine that faster. A house or office or factory has so many things; furniture, electrical appliances, IT equipment, manufacturing machines and so on. By making an inventory, you will have track of everything and can work accordingly.

Moving essential bags are a saviour kit in case of any emergency. Never forget to pack the essential bag beforehand so that when you are in a hurry you can access the necessary items easily. A moving essential bag must ideally carry phone chargers, dry foods, snack items, water bottles, spare clothes, fast aid, bedding and so on. The items inside the bag may vary from person to person as per their requirements. But no matter what you put in the bag, keeping a bag with all the essentials is very necessary and people usually forget to do so.

  • Inappropriate Cost Management

Cost management mostly fails when your packers and movers quote extreme amounts. Again if you go for unnecessary services, it will cost extra as well. Also, attempting DIY can be costly at times. If you intend to do DIY packing, you have to buy all the necessary packing elements and that will eventually cost you more than hiring a packing service from any furniture shifting company.

  • Not Doing the Labeling Properly

Labelling the boxes is very crucial for extensive safety. Once you label all the boxes you know which box contains what. While loading you must put the fragile item on top so that it does not break by pressure. Without labelling the boxes you would not know which box contains the fragile items. Thus not labelling properly can cost you a lot in the long run.

  • Fail to Get Over With the Unnecessary Items

While shifting you will encounter so many items that you won’t need in future. Such as clothes, crockeries, showpieces and so on. It does not make sense to keep those items and make a burden on them. Remember the more items you carry the more rate the more money the furniture shifting  packers and movers company would ask for. Thus it is always better to get rid of the extra items or donate them.


No wonder shifting is trouble and handling all alone can lead you to make some silly mistakes. These mistakes can be avoided easily by following the added steps. Or else, you can just contact us, we as a team will help you with all the shifting hassles with complete integrity.