Easy and Safe Packing Tips for Home and Office Shift

Packing is the most crucial part of shifting; be it a house shifting or office shifting. Everything depends on the packing task; how much time it would take, the safety of your belongings, move cost, etc. Just like its importance in the whole shifting process, Packing tips.

Also, you may need prior experience and proper knowledge regarding packing to make sure everything goes right. We, Rajdhani movers offer a wide range of packing services and world-class packing materials to make everything easier for you. Other than that, our expert team has some fruitful guidelines to make your packing successful.

  • Packing Tips and Checklist

First things first, you must create a checklist of the things that need to be done. You should create a checklist adding the needed packing materials, packing strategy, packing cost, and things that you need to pack. The checklist will come in handy to keep everything organized. Also, the checklist will help you to have track of all the items so that nothing gets lost.

  • Packing Material and Equipment

For packing tips, you would need plenty of equipment. Even if you are attempting DIY packing, you must opt for the best packing materials for packing your goods. Different packing materials are needed for different items. Such as:

  • You will need crates for fragile items or crockeries. Also, kitchen appliances can be packed in crates.
  • Hard cartons would be perfect for regular packing such as books, clothes, bedding and so on.
  • For furniture for kitchen appliances try to pack and shift them in their original boxes. If the boxes are not available, look for boxes of the same sizes.
  • Blankets, papers, clothes and bubble wraps are necessary to pack fragile items and television.
  • Markers, tapes, glue and ropes are also necessary for packing.
  • Office Packing
  • Packing Tips

Office packing basically needs professional help regarding packing. Mostly the official packing requires so many legal things to handle. There are confidential papers, expensive furniture, and industrial machines available in the office and packing them can be very challenging.

Basically, office packing can be categorized into three parts and they are:

Among these three packing categories, IT equipment packing is the most delicate one. IT equipment is usually very sensitive and expensive at the same time. Also, they often store confidential and important data. So, to pack the IT equipment, always opt for the best packing solution; the best materials and if possible get help from experienced hands. Packing Tips

And the rest of the two; Industrial and Warehouse packing would definitely need professional help. If you have experienced manpower at the office they can also opt for packing these materials. Industrial packing requires the packing of big machines and warehouse packing requires the packing of lab instruments. If possible get boxes that can hold the temperature to a certain level for warehouse lab instruments and raw material packing. And for industrial packing, disassemble the machines and try to pack them in their original boxes. Packing Tips

And if the packing seems difficult for you, we Rajdhani Movers and packers are always there for your service.

Household packing requires experience as it is concerned with the safety of your belongings. If you are going to pack everything all by yourself make sure to follow the methods stated below for better results.

Packing Kitchen Appliance
  • First of all, donate all the opened food packets to whom they are needed to get rid of the extra load. Start packing the unopened food packets into a big carton box.
  • Clean the kitchen appliances and make sure they are dry before packing. Use plastic bags to wrap the cords of the appliances and then pack them in the original box. Packing Tips
  • The crockeries and the fragile items must be packed with additional papers and clothes or bubble wraps for utmost safety. While packing the fragile items, if any room remains inside the packing box, fill it with papers or clothes.
  • Once you are done packing all the things make sure to clean the kitchen before leaving.
Packing Bedroom
  • At first pack clothes leaving only a few pairs that you will need during moving. Pack them in bigger boxes or you can use luggage bags as well. While packing blazers and suits, use the original plastic packets to keep them safe from the dust.Packing Tips
  • For ornaments and fragile items, use bags that have locks so that no one can get access to your valuable things.
  • Bedding, mattresses and pillows can be packed in trash bags to keep them free from dust. Use bags that are sturdy enough to protect the mattresses throughout the journey.
Packing Bathroom
  • Organize all the towels together so that you can find them at the same place when you reopen the boxes.
  • Toiletries also should be packed in a single box for easy access.
  • Keep soap and some cleaning detergent in the emergency bag in case you need them.
Packing Other rooms (Living room/ Dining Room)
  • You can get help from professional moving companies as the dining and living room usually has heavier furniture.
  • Disassemble all the parts of the furniture and use a single box to keep the parts of the particular furniture. This way you will not be confused while assembling the parts in the house.
  • LAmps and fragile items must be packed in rats with care. Packing Tips
  • General Tips and Tricks for Easy Packing
  • Always use extra paper, clothes or bubble wraps to fill in the gaps inside the packing boxes.
  • Don’t pack anything liquid and books in the same bags. If the liquid gets leaked, all the books will be damaged.
  • Never forget to label the boxes. This is the most effective way to know which box contains which item.
  • Before starting packing make sure you have gathered all the necessary packing items.


Packing is the most difficult part of shifting and you cannot take any risks with it. Thus before you pack, make sure you have all the necessary knowledge and the materials as well. Packing may take a long time, you must be attentive and patient throughout the process. Or you can hire Rajdhani Movers for a complete packaging solution at your doorstep.Packing Tips