Packers And Movers In Dhaka

Any sort of shifting can be very hectic both emotionally and physically. Packing all the stuff and shifting them to another place takes a toll on your productivity. Also, the stress that shifting can give you, is unbearable.

Thus we Rajdhani Movers offer you the complete packers and movers solution for your shifting needs. Our top-notch service along with skilled laborer’s will face any moving hurdle perfectly.

Our Packers And Movers Services

Our services come under different packages and customers have full liberty to customize the services according to their requirements.

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Once you call us for a deal, we go to your place and inspect both the properties. As per the inspection, our expert team suggest the best-suited packages. Also, we send our quotes based on the inspection.

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House Shifting Service

Our house shifting service  in Dhaka includes all the necessary packages that the customers would need while shifting. Our house shifting service includes:

  • Full-fledged packing service. We pack all your furniture, household appliances, clothes and every single thing.
  • In our household shifting services, we also offer pet shifting services. So, you no longer have to worry about shifting your pet.
  • We offer modern packing supplies for house shifting packers and movers.
  • We also deliver furniture from the stores.
  • Our team provides declutter and storage facilities.
  • Even for your convenience, our consultancy team can give you proper property guidelines.
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Office Shifting Service Packers And Movers

Office or corporate shifting needs professional assistance. As office shifting takes at least a week or more, you certainly cannot pause the work and spend all your time planning the shift. We do the job for you; we provide. A complete office shifting service in Dhaka and you can simply continue working without wasting your time.

  • We provide complete furniture relocation; from packing to redecorating.
  • Our staff will also clean the office once they are done with shifting.
  • We also pack and shift industrial machines. We are well equipped to carry giant machines.
  • Our IT team can take care of all the technology-related machines. They can be reinstalled in the new office if the customer demands.
  • We have an efficient storage facility where you can keep your belongings as long as you want.
  • Our team is skilled to handle raw and sensitive materials such as lab chemicals and so on. We have containers that are suitable to carry any sensitive substance.
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Packing Service

If you want complete packing service in Dhaka, we can do that for you and if not, we have all sorts of packages that will help you through the packing.
Our packing services at a glance:

  • We offer a full house packing service where you can simply leave the whole house upon us and we will pack everything for you. In this case, we start packing considering your convenience; if the customers ask to start packing from the kitchen we will certainly do that.
  • We also have per room packing, furniture packing, fragile item packing and so on.
  • We offer packing supplies both on a rental and sale basis. Our custom-made crates and boxes are sturdy enough to protect both domestic and international shifting. There are also bubble wraps, anti-static bubble wraps, sealing tapes and all the necessary elements available.
  • In corporate packing, we appoint the most skilled workers to handle big machines, IT equipment and corporate documents.
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Loading And Unloading Service

Even if you wish to DIY the shifting and packing process, it is quite difficult and to be frank foolish to attempt to load and unload on your own. 

Rajdhani Movers is the best Loading Unloading Service Provider in Dhaka. This process requires training and most importantly weight lifting capacity. Our labourers are strong enough to carry heavy weight and also know their work well.

  • We have the most potential working team when it comes to loading.
  • Our company offers all the necessary equipment for loading heavy furniture. We have sliders, cranes and other equipment that helps a perfect loading process.
  • Even if the destination property does not have any lift or the load does not fit in a lift, our strong workforce can still carry it through the staircase.
  • The same efficiency is applicable for unloading facilities as well. We ensure the safety of your belongings over anything else.
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Transportation Service

Transportation plays a vital role in shifting. Our vehicles are extremely fit in condition and can go for miles without any disturbance. Moreover, we have appointed skilled drivers who are eligible for driving within the whole country. Also, we do international shipping through flight and shipping.

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Car Shifting Service

Most of the packers and movers would not provide you with any package regarding the vehicle shifting. But we have the perfect ways to shift your car and even motorbikes within the country. We usually shift cars through shipping and make sure the whole process is safe.

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Storage Facility

When you wish to house shift, there remain so many unnecessary things that you may not need to be shifted in your new home. Especially while corporate shifting, the storage facility comes in handy. We have storage options available on a minimal rental basis.

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Cleaning Service

Some of the office contracts mention cleaning the floor upon shifting, thus our cleaner team can clean the whole space completely. Moreover, we can clean the houses as well. If customers want, we can clean the home before moving.

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Disassemble And Reinstallation Service

We have a team of technical experts, they can disassemble the technical gadgets and also the appliances. Also, they will reinstall the appliance in the new home. The team can also disassemble the industrial machinery so that it can be packed easily. Also, we disassemble the furniture and reinstall it if the customers demand.

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Redecoration Packers And Movers

Once the whole shifting process is done, we also have a team of decorators. Certainly after facing the shifting hassle, redecorating the space can be very hectic. Also, hiring professional decorators will cost you a ton. We can redecorate your corporate space and house with your assistance.

Our Services

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