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Loading Unloading Service In Dhaka

Loading and unloading is an underrated process of any shifting but it is actually one of the most hectic processes. It includes extreme physical labor and no wonder it is quite difficult for people who are not trained enough. If you wish to DIY this process, it can backfire on you due to your lack of experience.

Rajdhani Movers comes to your rescue with its highly trained crew who can handle heavy lifting without any issue. Our labourers are capable of lifting the heaviest boxes and can securely load even fragile goods. Moreover, along with our services, we offer loading equipment and transport rental options.

Our Loading And Unloading Service

We have divided our loading and unloading services into two different parts and they are:

  1. Complete Loading and Unloading Package
  2. Individual Loading and Unloading Package
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Complete Loading And Unloading Package

This package is designed to cover all the services of loading and unloading services. From labelling your boxes to loading them on the transport and at last unloading them all to the new destination. Meanwhile, our team ensures the full safety of your belongings.

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Individual Loading And Unloading Service

In this package, customers can opt for any individual service or can simply mix the services or can customize the services as per their convenience


Labourer Supply

Our team has skilled labourers who are trained for a certain period so that they can handle any load regardless of the weight.

Also, they are trained specially for weight lifting. So, no matter how heavy the loads are, our labourers can load them skillfully.

We have enough manpower to organize the process well, customers don’t need to worry about the availability of the labourers.


Furniture Loading

When it comes to furniture loading services, again, we have labourers who have received training focusing on this service.

If you want we may provide the packing service as well. If not we can lift the packed furniture for you.

For loading furniture, we have all the necessary equipment that can lift the heaviest items like a piano.


Fragile Item Loading

Loading fragile items is very challenging and requires proper skills. We come fully equipped with the best men to load fragile items.

We have certain strategies to handle fragile goods. The most important thing that we do is to keep the fragile labelled carton on the top of all the boxes.

This way no added pressure remains on these items


IT Equipment Loading

IT equipment refers to television, computers, monitors and even electronic appliances. We like to pack these items all by ourselves to ensure the utmost security.

Even if the customers have already packed these items, we bring our customized crates stuffed with bubble wraps and re-pack these items. Moreover, we also offer disassembly and assembly services for these items.


Domestic Loading

When it comes to domestic or intercity loading, we offer our regular services. A vehicle goes ahead of the loaded transport to ensure the roads are safe enough to keep the transportation process safe. During domestic loading, we send our correspondent to report and assist the whole process.


International Loading

International loading requires special packing; we do that for you. Once the packing is done, considering the mode of transportation whether you are using flight or shipping, we load the items accordingly.


Corporate Loading

Corporate loading requires handling cubicles, desks and sensitive equipment. Therefore, for corporate loading, we offer our most skilled men. Also, corporate loading needs efficient service. Thus we provide men more than needed so that the task gets performed within the shortest period.



Transportation service is one of the core services that we also offer with the loading and unloading package. We have more vehicles that can carry even the heaviest loads with proper safety. Our drivers are trained enough to carry the transport even on the worst roads.


Loading Equipment Supplies

If you wish to DIY the load and unload process, to let you know, we also provide the equipment supplies. We have boxes of different sizes and shapes and also wooden crates for better safety. We have cranes and other supplies to lift the heavy loads, these items are available on a rental basis.



When you reach your destination, we understand how tired you can get. Unloading all the belongings can be very difficult and also without proper training, it is not an easy task to handle.

Thus we offer an unloading service. From unloading all the loads from the vehicle to carrying it to your new home, we can do it all for you.



The most important aspect of the loading and unloading service is safety and protection of your belongings. We try our level best to safely carry all the loads and also for customer satisfaction, we have our insurance policy available.

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