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Office Shifting Service In Dhaka

Whether you want to office shifting or upgrade your commercial space to a new destination, office relocation can give you hard times and may directly affect your commercial productivity. In the fast-paced working era, office shifting needs professional involvement and we, Rajdhani Movers and packers work as the knight in shining armour for any office moving hassle.

What We Offer

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Packing Service

When it comes to office shifting service in Dhaka, you cannot DIY the packing process and would need our professional help for sure. Now, regardless of the office type, we have introduced packing services that will suit any commercial. Either you can avail the complete package where we will pack all the commercial whereabouts of your office shifting or you can simply any single package or you can mix and match and even you can customize the services as per your convenience.

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Furniture Packing

If you have a corporate office then most of the furniture would be desks and cubicles. We have appropriate packing materials as well as expert hands to pack the office furniture. Our company brings in all the necessary packing boxes considering the size and type of the furniture of your office and thereby ensures a successful furniture packing.

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IT Equipment Packing

IT equipment is probably the most valuable resource for any commercial business and we have a separate team who are specially trained in IT equipment packing. office shifting Just to let you know, we use tri-wall safety-protected bubble wraps to cover your delicate technology gadgets. Also, in some cases for better security, we use fluffy blankets as well. The packing boxes come with foams and proper wraps so that monitors remain safe during transportation.

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Industrial Packing

Industrial packing refers to packing relatively bigger and more complex machines. As soon as our consultancy team examines the type and size of the machinery, we start our research. At first, we get to know all about the machinery and then we figure out the best possible packing ways of the giant machines. All of these do not take much time though they may sound pretty complex to you. Also, we have cranes and all other necessary equipment to pack the big machines without any shifting service

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WareHouse/ Lab Packing

Basically in warehouses, there remain many raw materials in factories and packing them is a challenge. Even in labs the materials are confidential and need extensive care while packing and shifting. These sensitive raw materials often need to be in temperature-controlled boxes. We can provide all these facilities with our expert team. We have boxes that can preserve at a certain temperature to carry raw materials. office shifting Also, the team that works in warehouse and lab packing are trained to handle sensitive elements and are trusted to keep any confidentiality.

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Office Liquidation

Office liquidation is one of the most important parts of any office relocation. Basically, most of the office lease documents mention emptying the place completely when the contract is over. During the hassle of office shifting, liquidation can get ignored completely. This service is not available if you hire any basic or random packers and mover company but with Rajdhani Movers, you will get a top-notch office liquidation service. So, our office liquidation service includes:

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Though nobody really thinks of cleaning as a task while shifting the office. Once we are done loading all the packages to the transports, our cleaning team cleans the whole property and makes it look completely new. Also, our office shifting service includes cleaning the property you are moving to. Before arriving at the destination, we clean the whole place and keep it ready to set up the furniture.

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Declutter and Storage

While office shifting services, there occurs so many papers, machines and even furniture that are not required for the new office. Decluttering the goods can be time-consuming thus we do the decluttering task for you.

Again, there must be some of the belongings that the customers won’t need in the new office. Keeping those unnecessary things will occupy your valuable space. But not anymore. As we offer the storage facility as well. No matter whatever you would like to keep, you can based on minimal rent.

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After packing all the belongings and sorting the storage issue, there comes the most vital step of shifting. While shifting, we take the best safety measurements in every step so that even a single fragile item remains safe.

The first step of shifting is loading. While loading we label the packing boxes so that the workers do not get confused regarding the placements of the packages. We make sure to keep the fragile items on the top so that no added pressure remains on them. We have modern equipment to load heavy and large machinery as well.

Then comes Transportation; our team has state-of-the-art vehicles that are capable of carrying commercial goods to any destination. As per the customer demand, we transport the goods by road, by ship and by air as well.

Once we reach the destination we also provide the unloading services as it is quite crucial. While unloading the sensitive belongings, if the hands are not experienced, it causes a disaster. Thus our expert team assists in the unloading process as well.

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New Office Setup (Furniture, IT Equipment Installation)

We have our in-house interior designer who can help with redecorating the office. Also, setting up the office furniture shifting can be tough but we have expertise in setting up commercial furniture.

Moreover, if you opt for our equipment packing service, it will also include the disassembly and reinstallation of these devices. After reinstallation, we make sure that the devices are working properly in the new office. While disassembling the equipment, our electricians remain extra cautious so that they don’t harm anything and make sure to provide you with the best service.

Our Services

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