How to know which is the Best Packers and Movers in your area?

Are you relocating recently and are in dire need of a trusted movers and packers company near your location? Well, regardless of the shifting type, be it a house or office shifting, handling all by yourself is never a good idea. And Who would decline the assistance of professionals in this hectic journey of moving? best packers and movers in your area

Have you ever considered the effort you have to put to get on board with the best packers and movers company? The choice requires a lengthy process indeed. But certain guidelines will ease your hurdles to the minimum.

We, Rajdhani Movers bring you the array of packing and moving services with utmost care within a fair budget. Whether you hire us or not, we have created a standard list of must-have features that every authentic packer and mover must packers and movers in your area

Now, go through the content below and make sure to follow the points whenever you hire any moving company. And also don’t forget to check out our services on the website (it will awestruck you)!

Things to Consider While Hiring Movers And packers Company

When you decide to hire a packers and movers company for the first time, you are clueless no doubt. And there are tons of scams who would charge you loads of money and the service will be zero. To avoid such a situation, you can follow the steps and make sure that your mover’s company feature these qualities.

License and Registration

Authentication is the first thing to consider while hiring any moving company. Before hiring anyone, ask them to show their business license and also the registration. If possible, cross- check the documents with someone who has a better idea about the legal papers. If any moving; company refuses or delays showing the legal papers, be sure something fishy is going on and you must never hire anyone.

All the professional service providers have their business registered and also have a license. Often newbies claim to have the papers on trial, in such cases also avoid those moving companies.

Service Diversity

Make sure the packers and movers company offer a different number of services, otherwise all your needs will not be fulfilled properly. Along with the packages, the moving company must have individual package and customization options available as well. It is quite obvious that you would not always want the whole package. Some people also opt for individual services such as packing or loading. Even packing service comes with sub-services. best packers and movers in your area?

So, an ideal packers and movers company must have the following services available:

  • Office Shifting Services: All the house shifting-related services such as household appliance packing, property inspection, loading, unloading, and redecoration must be there. And the customers should be able to choose individual services as well.
  • House Shifting Services: Office shifting services are a bit different from house shifting services. Here the packers and movers must include industrial moving, IT equipment moving, warehouse moving, and Assemble and disassemble services available.
  • Packing Services: Packing services must be customizable no matter what. The packers and movers company must ensure packing supplies, individual room packing, complete house packing, fragile items, and kitchen appliance packing services are available.
  • Loading and Unloading Services: Loading and unloading services need the best men who are trained to lift heavy weights carefully. The packer and movers company must ensure skilled manpower to provide this service.
  • Transportation Services
  • Recreational Services best packers and movers in your area?

The team must have enough experience in handling a certain number of projects. As packing and moving are skill-based tasks, the team must have ample experience. Always remember, the more projects the company has handled, the more exposure they have to the task. While hiring any moving company, make sure they handled at least 10 or more projects. best packers and movers in your area?

Quotes and Budget

This feature solely depends on your budget but the quotes must be relevant. Once the packers and movers company is done with the inspection, they will send you a quote. Now, we all know packing and moving service is expensive. But as a customer, you must have the actual idea of the current market price of the services.


Professional moving companies offer insurance and a legal contract for the deal. Now, the insurance covers your right of you to claim if any of your belongings are damaged during the process. Through this insurance deal, packers and movers are obliged to give a penalty for any careless damage. As a customer, you should never compromise this insurance option. When you decide to hire any of the companies, make sure you get the proper insurance papers for your things’ safety.

As most of the packers and movers companies provide transportation services, the vehicles they use must be fit and safe. Unfit vehicles may not end up at the destination and will cause you extra trouble. Moreover, when shifting cars and pets, vehicle fitness is unavoidable. Before opting for the transportation service, always check the vehicle’s packers and movers in your area

Things You must do to Get the Best Packer and Movers Company
  • Do the Research (Customer Reviews and Rating Matter): First things first, go through the internet and do your research. Read the reviews and follow the ratings. Reviews and ratings are very important while hiring any best packers and movers company in your area.
  • Go Through The Contract Carefully: When the company covers the contract, check and recheck the paper, there can be loopholes.
  • Check the Office Physically: Make sure you go to the office and check it by yourself. Often what is portrayed on the internet is not necessarily the truth.
  • Don’t go for the Cheaps: We all would love to save some money but while saving money don’t hire any cheap company. These companies who offer unbelievably cheap quotes often turn out to be frauds.

Hiring the best movers and packers is no easy task. The customers must be aware of every situation and also have proper knowledge about the services. Or you can simply drop the hassle and switch to Rajdhani Movers. We are the one-stop solution for every shifting need. How to know which is the best packers and movers in your area?