Home Shifting Service In Dhaka

As house shifting is nothing less than a full-time involvement for a couple of days, we believe extra hands will always ease the process for you. Therefore, we, Rajdhani Movers have brought the best solution for your house shifting hassles. Our package includes all the necessary services for a successful house shifting along and that too within the best quotation.

What We Offer

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We have a team of experts who will give you brief ideas regarding the whole shifting process. From sorting the best packages for your requirements, and scheduling the shift to even property guidelines, our consultancy team will assist you in several aspects. Moreover, if you are shifting for the first time or have little to no experience regarding residential shifting, our team can take over the whole procedure and you can simply rely on us.

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A successful shift would merely be a dream without proper packing. We are the best-equipped packers and movers company in the town and we can pack literally anything for you. For a better and safer packing service, we have categorized the packing process.

As per customers’ demand, our package includes; full house packing, exclusive packing, selective packing and so on. We pack the full house furniture, also the package includes only home or kitchen appliance packing, electronic equipment packing or any definite room packing. Customers can choose any package at their convenience.

Also, our packing service includes fragile packing; once the users subscribe to this package, all the fragile items will be our responsibility. We have all the necessary packing materials; from hardwood boxes to bubble wraps and our packing team is specially trained to handle delicate belongings for extended safety.

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Unlike most of the movers and packers in Dhaka Bangladesh the country; we do not confine our service to the city only. We have categorized the house shifting services into three divisions:

  1. Shifting Within the City: 
    This service includes moving within any specific city. Our service is expanded to all the areas of Bangladesh. Usually, this service is highly affordable and it includes a full-fledged moving service within any city in Bangladesh.
  2. Inter City or Domestic Shifting: 
    It includes intercity moving; we offer transportation as well. Generally, the transportation process features trucks and ferries for faster and better shifting.
  3. International House Shifting: 
    This is one of our exclusive shifting services; we are glad to let you know that we offer international house moving services as well. If you are planning to move to another country, we are here with our high-grade packing materials that are suitable for international moving.
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Loading And Unloading

Loading and unloading household belongings is a quite tricky process. But we have all the necessary equipment along with some safe hands to handle this hectic process well. We also offer only loading and unloading services; customers can avail of this single service only or they can have this house shifting service in the complete package as well.

When a customer books a loading and unloading service, we first inspect both the properties. It gives us the idea about the proper measurement of the entry and exit spaces of both houses. Then our team sketches removing the packages from the house at first and then creates a proper idea of inserting the packages into the new house.

We have equipment like cranes, gliders and so on which help to load the belongings into the vehicles without creating any harm. No matter how big or how fragile the belongings are, we have the expertise to load everything. And while unloading, we offer the same excellence.

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We offer all the necessary transportation facilities for domestic house shifting so that there remain no risks on the road. The vehicles are fit enough to transport all around the country and also we offer a set of skilled drivers. All the drivers are trained to drive heavy vehicles and so while transporting, all your fragile goods are in good hands.

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Our package also offers a team of interior decorators who will decorate your new property. The team mostly focuses on the clients’ requirements and decorates the house accordingly. But if you don’t have time to assist the team, our team still can provide you with the latest and trendiest decoration within the shortest time.

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Assembly And Disassembly

When it comes to electronic appliances, disassembling requires electricians. As we promise an all in all house moving solution, we offer to disassemble and assemble services as well. Our electricians will disassemble all the electronic appliances like TV, Fridge, AC and so on. And on your arrival in the new home, they will also assemble them for you.

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Pet Shifting Service

In the present years, while residential moving, we have witnessed many requests from the customers regarding pet shifting. We understand how close a pet can be to you and thus we have come up with the best pet shifting solution. Our pet shifting team members are core animal lovers and the team includes vets as well. Thus even if any problem occurs with the pet while travelling, there will always be someone who has a professional veterinary degree. We have the necessary pet shifting carriers and years of experience to handle even the most stubborn pets.

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Automobile Shifting Service

We can shift your cars, motorbikes and other automobile vehicles as well. Usually, we use a shipping service to shift the automobile vehicles but if the customer wants we can drive them to your desired location as well. 

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Storage Service

Last but not the least, storage service; this service comes in extremely handy and we recommend this to the customers. During packing, you may come across belongings that you don’t need any more or things that cannot be accommodated in your new house. In these circumstances, our storage service is very convenient. You can just dump the extra storage into our vault and we will keep it safe for you for your desired time frame. And if you don’t feel the necessity to get those items back, we also offer a declutter service.

Our Services

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