What to do on the Shifting Day: Essential Checklist?

We all are aware of the hectic Shifting day; doing mistakes on this day due to the excitement and the overwhelming condition is pretty normal. But this can be avoided if you plan an effective checklist for the big day. Whenever you are planning to move, the whole process will bring certain difficulties. From packing to sorting everything, nothing comes easy. Even if you hire a packers & movers services company, the hiring process itself is hectic. And you always have to assist them to get the best out of them.

Now, you might be wondering, how should you plan the shifting day so that all hurdles get minimized. If you are a newbie and do not have any prior experience, the process may be more frightening for you. But our team of Rajdhani movers and packers got your back. We have created the essential checklist that you must follow on the moving day for a successful house shift.

The Checklist to Follow: Expert Moving Tips

To get the finest outcome, we have divided the to-do list into three parts and they are:

  • Pre Move Checklist
  • While Moving Checklist
  • Post-Move Checklist

In the segments below, we have elaborated on all the parts; check them out.

1. Pre-Move Checklist

Prepare an Overnight Bag

Make sure you get a bag which is easy to carry and is medium in size. This bag is your emergency kit. All the essential items that you will need while shifting must be in this bag. They should be spacious enough to store a few sets of clothing. Especially, if you have kids, you would need spare clothes. The bag must contain other necessary things such as:

  • Toothbrush
  • shower essentials (soaps, towels, mini packs of shampoos)
  • Extra pyjamas and clothes
  • Towels
  • Wallet
  • Ids, passports and necessary documents related to the travel

Get a Fast Aid Box Handy

While packing fragile items, often they get broken and can cause cuts as well. Also while moving big furniture, often you can get sprains and little bruises here and there. Moreover, often the hectic schedule of the moving day can cause headaches, gastric problems, joint swelling and so on. All these minor concerns can be taken care of immediately with a first aid kit. Always make a fast aid box and keep it separately in case of emergency, it will be easy to access.

Prepare a Kit of Cleaning Supplies

It may sound weird to you but let me explain, cleaning supplies are must-haves during the moving process. While house shifting service, you may not always get the chance to clean the house you are shifting to beforehand. Thus you may have to clean the house once you arrive there. In such circumstances, will you be able to open all the boxes and look for the cleaning supplies? The answer is no. Thus prepare the cleaning supplies prior to moving them in a separate bag. Also, the supplies will be needed to clean the house you are leaving before you move. Then also, you cannot open all the packed boxes just to get the cleaning supplies.

The cleaning supplies kit must include:
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Detergent
  • Sponges
  • Paper towels
  • Dust clothes
  • Brooms
  • Dustpan
A bag of Food and Water

Again if you have kids, food and water are essentials every now and then. Children usually get cranky as they get the least attention on a moving day due to your hectic schedule. handing them over some snacks or chocolates would keep them happy and your shifting will be easier. Also, when you shift, you may not get the time to grab your food on time and you never know how long the transportation process can take. Thus having a bag of food and water can always come in handy.

Have your Phone Chargers on a Handbag

phones are widely used while shifting. You have to be connected with the packers and movers company, your new landlord and so on. And these phones have really short battery backups. In such cases, you must have a separate bag where you can carry mobile phone chargers.

Pack Clean Bedding Separately

When you shift to the new house, after the whole tiring day, unboxing all the bedding items can be very troublesome. To prevent this situation, you can carry a few pillows and clean beddings with you separately. So, when you arrive at the new house, you don’t have to clean the bedding.

Do the Labeling

Labelling is one of the most crucial tasks that you have to do while moving. Label all the boxes with markers so that you know what is packed where. Labelling eliminates lots of time and effort while unpacking the boxes. And also, you get to know about the fragile items boxes and can handle them with extra care. Even if you hire packers and movers, you must be present while labelling. This will give you the exact knowledge about your boxes and you can keep track of them.

Pack the Last Moment Utensils

There are some utensils that must be packed at the last moment such as a few mugs, teapots and minimal dishes that you may need primarily for cooking in the new house. Assemble these things and put them into a separate bag so that you can get them easily when needed. Rajdhani Movers pack and shift services in dhaka, bangladesh.

2. While Moving Checklist

While moving, make sure to get fit vehicles for successful transportation and also if you have ired any furniture shifting services company,

  • Assist the Movers with the Routes
  • Assist the Loading

3. Post-Move Checklist

Check All the Boxes

Make sure all the boxes are present. Cross-check the inventory. And also open the boxes to ensure that all the items are unharmed. Reassemble the Necessary Appliance Reassemble the appliance; TV, fridge, electric equipment and furniture. You can get help from the packers and mover company or you can do it on your own.


The moving tips mentioned above will come in handy to all who are planning to move on the shifting day. There is nothing more effective than having an organized move.