Household Moving is always an amalgamation of so many emotions; it’s utterly overwhelming; on the other hand, it is stressful and hectic. One may have been shifted multiple times yet, getting everything perfect is a hard task. Everyone has their own ways of planning relocation; some may like to hire movers, some may ask assistance from friends and family, and some may want to DIY the moving. Whatever your preference is, our team of Rajdhani Movers is always by your side. And this urge has inspired our team to create and share a proper step-by-step guide for successful household moving.

12 Exclusive Tips for a Proper Household Moving

1. Scrutinize the New Property

First of all, once you choose the new residence, scrutinize all the rooms and spaces where you can place your furniture. You better decide where to put what furniture prior to the moving. There are possibilities that your new house with a compact living room may not accommodate your old giant sofa set. I know you can imagine the hassle you will have to face if anything like this happens.

Better you get an idea of placing furniture before you relocate.

2. Keep a Notepad

Always keep a notepad and note down every all the little details regarding the shifting. Costs, packing equipment, emergency numbers, household moving company &’s number, numbers of boxes, and all the necessary things you might need during the shifting should be on the notepad. You can also do a & to don’t list to organize the whole process and avoid chaos.

3. Start Listing

One of the most vital parts of house shifting or office shifting is proper listing. You are a step ahead if you have done the listing of the process. It would be best if you listed everything to keep everything organized. You may make lists of packing materials, and you can also make a step-by-step list of all the things you need to do. Even lists of diving the days to do particular chores can be beneficial. Or lists of furniture, showpieces, and all the little household belongings can help you to keep track of them. household moving services in Dhaka Bangladesh.

4. Keep a Moving Folder or Travel Essential Kit

Keeping an essential kit will help you in any emergencies; you can have a bag and put all the necessary items there, so you don’t have to look for them aimlessly. A set of cloth, especially if you have kids, some dry foods or snacks, water bottles, first aid, visiting cards, address of both the houses, numbers of essentials, shipping or transport receipts should be kept in the kit. You may keep the kit while traveling so that you don’t fall short of any necessary things in any condition.

5. Shape the Moving Cost

Another vital step to maintain your finances; you must categorize the costs of packing, transportation or professional movers, redecorating, traveling, and all other aspects while moving. Otherwise, you may fall short of the budget during shifting, and it will be a great mess. Make a budget of the following things:

  • foods and other amenities during the travel
  • a professional mover
  • pet or vehicle carriage
  • packing materials
  • Traveling Cost
  • Miscellaneous cost
  • Household Moving Services
6. Decide If You Need a Professional Mover or Not

Probably the most critical part of moving these days is whether to hire or not to hire any moving company. From our perspective, being so many years in the business, hiring a mover is always beneficial. It may seem way too expensive, but movers can save you from some big-time costs (packing materials, transportation bills, shipping bills, so on), and also, you will get rid of the hidden costs. Additionally, a professional mover can shape the shifting process and does everything in the discipline. For your extensive convenience, Rajdhani Movers is working for years to solve all your shifting- related difficulties.

7. Start with Packing (Pack By Rooms)

The safety of your belongings depends on your skill of packing. There are different methods of packing, and you must possess an apt idea to ensure the proper safety of your household things. For delicate showpieces, electrical appliances, and crockeries, you must need cardboard boxes. And never forget to fill boxes with clothes or papers or soft cushions for better safety. All your electronic appliances come with original boxes, you can use those boxes.

8. Declutter Unwanted Things

There is no need to carry the unwanted or extra things as they will only consume more packing boxes and charge you more. Take out the unnecessary things before you start packing. Either donate them, or you can sell them.

9. Label or Number the Boxes

Labeling is the easiest way to save your time to find out all your items from the packages. Labeling also helps you find delicate and fragile items, and you can keep the boxes safe. You can also put numbers on the boxes, and this method also works the same. Use bright markers so that the labeling becomes vibrant enough to catch your sight easily.

10. Find Transportation

If you hire a professional movers and packers, transportation may be included in the package. But if not find sensible transport is very important. Be it by road or by air, and if the ride is not good, you may end up damaging your fragile goods during the journey.

11. Unload All the Belongings

Once you reach the destination, unloading is quite tricky. Be careful while unloading the items from the truck or pickup. One wrong move and your valuable belongings may fall off. Also, while placing the boxes, always keep the delicate items on the top.

12. Redecorate the New Residence

Redecoration is pretty interesting, and you get to put your furniture at your convenience. But again, be particularly careful while placing and setting up the furniture. You can consult interior designers or even take help from the moving companies as they often offer interior decorating services.

Conclusion Follow the steps religiously so you can minimize the stress and ensure efficiency while moving. Or you can simply contact us, the Rajdhani Movers, to sort all the hassles for you.