Office Shifting Service in Dhaka Bangladesh.

Office shifting Services in Dhaka and anywhere in Bangladesh.

Rajdhani Movers is one of the best moving companies in the country and has gained a good reputation for its office shifting services. Now we are looking forward to spreading the name and reputation of our moving business across the country as well as abroad. We set our goals to a new level. We publish in many social works to expand our business.

Our work plan starts with customer needs and we provide the best office shifting service by a skilled staff. Our efforts to satisfy our customers. Offering home shifting and office shifting services though is still a difficult and challenging experience.

Can shifting to a new place be a hassle? You will be shifting within the same city or anywhere in the country. Rajdhani Movers helps you shift offices as needed in the city or within the same country. With a few years of expertise on your part to overcome all fears about shifting, our movers are one of the most reliable service providers.

Our highly trained and experienced professional moving team provides you the best packing and shifting service.

Shifting commercial and official products and office in the workplace is a great responsibility. It is not an easy task to move to a house where one can only carry his belongings. Both responsibility and risk are maximized during office shifting. Office rights are not only the sole property of an individual but the entire staff of the office is directly or indirectly related to it. Depending on the products, the transfer time and the moving distance, the budget and the whole scene of the shifting process can be handled.

Our shifting service location:

Our service exists in every mahalla and street of Dhaka district. From 64 districts of Bangladesh to any part of the country wherever you are, you will always be with us. You can get services from anywhere in the bangladesh through our online form fillup.

  1. Local shifting in Dhaka city.
  2. Inter-district: Any district of Bangladesh.
  3. International Action: Any country in the world.
  4. Commercial Shifting 3 Parts:
  5. Commercial shifting.
  6. Non-commercial shifting.
  7. Shifting industry.
  8. Our office shifting services include:
  9. Overview of products for office shifting.
  10. Understand the ongoing needs and requirements for mobility.
  11. Assessment of material and manpower requirements for shifting.
  12. Provide useful advice to staff.
  13. Packaging of all office equipment.
  14. Special packaging for sensitive equipment such as servers.
  15. Shifting heavy equipment is very safe.

Additional Services:

Vault Moving and Special Management

Office shifting requires lots of packing materials. The packing accessories are the same for an item. Proper packing is not possible without proper materials. Important office files, furniture, stationery items, etc. can be lost or destroyed if not packed.

Why choose Rajdhani Movers and Packers for office shifting?

When it comes to office shifting, it is wise to choose a professional, skilled and experienced company. Who can serve you good according to your interests and needs. Office furniture and documents can be taken care of, but shifting through inexperienced companies to save money can lead to losses. They must be repaired or discarded later.

Commercial Moving (Moving Offices, Banks, Factories, Warehouses)

  • All our staff highly trained
  • Specialist technicians and electronics
  • Packing and transfer
  • By opening and re-installing the furniture.
  • Lights, fans, AC, window curtains, etc. openings and fittings.
  • Supply of packing materials and boxes.
  • Basic services needed for office moving:

Packing: Whenever you plan to change an office, you must first collect and pack the packing items. And
If you join a shifting company, you don’t have to worry about it. Consult them before shifting how to pack. This means that if the shifting company enters into liability, they will be packing everything in their own way. We are packing with advanced packing materials for office shifting service. We supply packing material and our own packer master packs all items. Our packers have a great experience.

Opening and re-fitting: When packing whole office items, furniture, electronics and electronics items need to be opened and fitted. Our expert and professional technicians take care of the opening and fitting of all office items such as air conditioners, geysers, furniture, executive tables, workstations, fans, server machines, etc. When everything is open, our packers will pack it using special method and special packing material. office shifting dhaka.

Loading: Once everything is packed and opened, our loaders will be ready for loading on the scheduled date of shifting. Before loading, go to the office to see if all the packing and opening work has been done properly or if there are any leftovers and finish loading. Before loading, our loading supervisor will take labor advice on how to finish the job. As per the supervisor’s instructions, our staff will start loading the vehicles very carefully. They use special packing materials to prevent damage to any items of office change services.

Tracks and pickups: We provide trucks and pickups by understanding the office space and the type of equipment. We have different types of trucks and pickups.

Open: You will visit the office room once before bringing all the items from the previous office to the new office. The shifting supervisor inspected the floor. At the end of the plan, the trucks will start unloading one by one. The loading will unload the product according to the list created during loading.

We are getting an offer every day to handle office shifts or factory shifts safely, with care and dedication.
Here is our special offer listed below:

  1. Home, bank, office, change.
  2. Office equipment shifting and packing services.
  3. International shifting
  4. Office relocation
  5. Office shifting
  6. Transfer to home and office
  7. Moving and storage
  8. office moving packing

Unpacking: We therefore always try to keep our customers happy. We provide some additional services after the office is relocated. Therefore, the experienced team starts unpacking after taking everything from the truck to the new office. Unpacking work is out of our contract. office shifting dhaka

We always strive to achieve customer satisfaction by providing. So that the customer offers it to someone else. Many of our customers come through someone else. They suggest getting good service by shifting to the office through us. So, don’t hesitate to book today for your next office shift.
Take our service, stay safe. office shifting dhaka

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