Moneysaving Tips And Tricks While Shifting Home

Top 10 Money saving Tips And Tricks While Shifting Home To A New Place

Is it a thrill to move to a new house? Maybe, you are going to settle in your dream home. You
have already invested a big amount to buy your new house. Now, how would you feel when you
find your home shifting process is costly? What’s more, you have a chance to waste your
precious time without the right step before your move. There are ways to tackle your costs and
save time. We have provided you with some money saving and time saving tips to remove all your

Clean your house and declutter it

Almost every room of your house has some junk and useless pieces. Why should you pack them
into your boxes for the move? While cleaning your house, you can take them out and throw them
away. You may also donate the rarely used items to a local charity. This simple effort will save
both time and money. The less you pack, the less you pay to your movers.
Create a schedule for your move

Without a proper schedule, you may not be able to manage everything. It is better to start
preparation at least 60 days before the move. You may create a week-by-week checklist and have
a track of what you are doing to shift to a new house. Most of us overlook the trivial tasks and
ultimately face the last-minute headaches. To avoid this problem, you must be highly diligent to
get ready for the final move.

Know what to pack and what not

You have started putting items in different cartons. It is also essential to label those cartons to
save time while unpacking and organizing your household items.
The most common things packed for every move are first-aid kits, flashlights, garbage, cords,
batteries, beddings, bath kits, clothes, utensils, medications, eyeglasses, and a lot. However, there
are limitations on what you should pack. You must not pack pesticides, charcoal lighter fluid,
and flammable items. Most of the moving agencies do not deal with those items.

Find the best day to shift to a new house

Which is the cheapest day of the week to start a move? Surely, it depends on your location.
However, we have found Sunday as the cheapest day for the move. The most commonly chosen
day is Friday, as homeowners get the weekend to arrange their households. But, on this day, the
moving companies can charge a higher rate. Thus, to save costs, you may choose Sunday as the
best day to make your shift more affordable.

Compare estimates from at least 3 companies

You may have decided on hiring professional movers to get the best help. Thus, the smartest
option for you is to search for some reputable moving agencies and compare their prices. You
will find the budget-friendly moving service for your needs. However, make sure that you have

chosen reliable movers and packers to move your personal stuff. Based on the distance, the
number of cartons, and other factors, professionals will give you the estimate.

Off-peak season- The best time to move

You may have thought of booking your movers and packagers in advance. However, some
companies offer special discounts during the off-peak season. It will save your money on the
home shifting process.

In most cases, the summer season is the preferable time to move to a new house. But, the moving
agencies charge high during this period. That is why you may wait for the autumn months to
make your shift.

Look for free packing materials

Your friends, relatives, and neighbors can help you in availing packing materials free of cost.
You can buy these materials from your packing and moving company.
However, why should you pay for them when they are available free of cost? Some local shops,
supermarkets, and cafes may have cardboard boxes of different sizes. They can offer you those
cartons for free. Thus, it is one of the best tricks to save your money on packing items.
But, make sure that you have chosen the right packing materials for every item. For instance,
your photo frame, mirror, and other delicate items need special packaging. You can purchase a
few special packaging items from the moving company.

Use your linens to pack some items

Why should you buy bubble wraps to pack every item? There is a smart way to save money on
packing materials. Choose your old bed sheets, linens, and towels to pack your essentials. You
do not need to purchase loads of packing papers. However, these special packing papers are
useful for delicate and fragile items.

Get professional assistance for packing items

You may not have an idea of packing your things, and there is a chance of making mistakes. That
is why you can engage professional packers to pack your personal items. It helps you in saving
time. You may cooperate with your packers and movers to pack every item. Proper packing also
assists you in unpacking your items easily. While packing your things, professionals will label
each of the cartons. You can easily distinguish your items and unpack them.

Compare the utility service providers

Utility services are must when you move to a new house. Before starting your move, you have to
look for the best utility company to serve you. While shifting to a new house, you can compare
water, gas, and electricity providers in the new zone. Although this factor has no direct relation
to the moving process, you will save money on the final deal. Know the charge of these service
providers to choose the right one.

Follow these tips to save your time and money while moving your household items to a new
house. Home shifting may turn out to be complicated without a proper guide. That is why we
have provided you with some tricks to let you enjoy the move. You can shift to a new house
smoothly and keep everything organized. Some professional movers negotiate the price with
you. Still, you may look for ways to reduce the cost for the move.